Helping mission-driven humans, social entrepreneurs, and aspiring and established leaders transcend limitations and become a… 

Raise Consciousness, Actualize Potential, and Become Your Best, Most Integrated Self in 8-Weeks 

Force for Good is a science-backed meditation and coaching program that uses a new interdisciplinary approach to help mission-driven humans systematically raise their level of consciousness, forge identity, and transcend their limitations to positively impact others. 

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Some of What You Get With Force for Good:

- Full 40-Day Force For Good Curriculum with daily training. (Value $1997)

One year of Group Coaching & Community. (Value $1997) 

- 3 months of 1:1 Coaching with Colton. (Value $8997) 

- Get everything you need to master the 4 Forces and 40 days of experience applying them to accelerate your personal and professional growth.

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Wondering if this coaching program is for you? Keep reading to learn what forces stop even conventionally successful people from actualizing their full potential and positively impacting & leading others. 

For mission-driven humans, aspiring leaders, and high performers with great ideas and the heart to execute them…

Do You Have Ambitious Goals But Feel Like You Are Not Yet The Version of You Who Can Best Achieve Them? 

If you’re still reading, I applaud your courage. 

And you should know, you’re not alone.  

Most people know what they really want deep down...

And what goal would be the most worth it for them and their life.

Even if they can't verbalize it yet, they know the feeling of it.  

Even conventionally successful people, who have perfect lives on paper, still long for more fulfillment and satisfaction, and dream of what they can still do for others and what they are truly capable of achieving. 

And they, like most people, delay that ambitious goal for one reason or another and craft yet another justification.  

But the real reason they haven’t achieved it yet is that… 

They aren’t the version of themselves who can achieve it yet. 

So, if you have an ambitious goal that you need to grow into...

Do you know who the best version of you for achieving it is going to be? 

And more importantly, do you know how can you become them? 

The truth is…

Who You Are, And The Impact You Make in the World, Are A Direct Result of These 4 Forces and How You Use Them (Or Not)

Surprisingly enough, your best self and ideal level of impact don’t materialize based on how good you are at what you do, or even how well-intentioned you are. 

Your intentions become a reality, because of 4 broad psycho-spiritual forces which make up the core of this program's training. 

These are the same forces that made you into the version of you that you are now—and that can be harnessed to create the next version of you that your ambitious goals, and those you seek to help, will need. 

Think of these 4 psychospiritual forces as the codes to create the life you want to have, by becoming the person you can be.  

I discovered each of these forces in various projects working on the bleeding edge of neuroscience, flow and altered states, peak performance, transpersonal and positive psychology...

Spending an intimate 6+ years with the foremost leaders in these diverse fields, helping them bring their world-changing ideas to the mainstream.

Often successfully. 

Along the way, I categorize the various methods from these fields that had the most positive and transformative effects into these 4 forces. 

I applied them in my life to help me build the business of my dreams. 

Since then, I've helped clients discover, apply and master these forces to: 

- Create cultural change in their organization.

- Breakthrough barriers in income, influence, and impact.

- Take their career to the next level of impact. 

- Write and deliver keynote speeches.

- Write and sell world-changing books. 

- Do new things and do old things in new ways. 

And best of all, become the version of themselves who can.

There are many things we are just on the cusp of doing, which these forces can help us actualize fully.

By Unearthing, and then harnessing the forces that hold them back to get ahead. 

Excited to get started? Apply here.

The 4 Forces That Limit Your Self 

Can Be Harnessed to Actualize Potential

These forces can limit potential and actualize it.

But they are just that, forces

They direct your life, and experience of it, but they’re amoral—neither good nor bad.  

In my workshop, UNEARTH, I shared these 4 forces and ways to start using them to become your best self.

As well as begin preventing problems that you get when you’re unaware of these forces and the influence they have over your state of consciousness and quality of life. 

In this coaching program, Force for Good, I am dedicating 2 weeks to each of these forces, and helping you apply them systematically to close the gap between who you are now, and your best self. 

Here's a glimpse of what we get into over the 4 parts of this program. 

Force #1:


The first force is Shadow, and we start here because the awareness gained here benefits the rest of the program. 

If unharnessed, Shadow can: 

- Create subconscious resistance.

- Project hostility and judgment from rejected parts of the psyche.

- Create fear of the unknown.  

- Disconnect you from your intuition.

- Separate you from your strengths and the qualities you need to achieve your full potential.

When you harness this force for yourself you can: 

- Create a psychological environment that can sustain success, peace, and wellbeing simultaneously.

- Access forgotten or denied strengths.

- Harness positive psychology and neuroscience best practices to build a better brain.

- Connect you with your Daemon and inner wise counsel.

When you harness Shadow for yourself you can shift from unaware to aware. 

Force #2:


The second force is social dynamics because once you know yourself the next barrier will be the one between yourself and others. 

If unharnessed, social dynamics can: 

- Sacrifice your opportunities for others' agendas.

- Misrepresent your value to others and limit your growth.

- Become offensive, or worse, irrelevant to others.

- Lose connection to your body and inner primate, and accidentally traumatize yourself, by never releasing tension or shifting out of hyper-vigilant states.

When you harness this force for yourself you can: 

- Go beyond your limitations to positively impact your friends, family, peers, community, county and planet. 

- Gain empathy that endurs and meet those you want to help where they are at, without getting stuck there yourself.

- Navigate hierarchy dynamics and always be respected. 

- Unlock your true interpersonal leadership potential. 

- Drama-proof your life and evolve the roles you find yourself in.  

- Regulate your nervous system, recover more deeply, and be comfortable being bolder socially.

When you harness Social Dynamics for yourself you can shift others (and yourself) from Victim (of circumstance) to Creator (of circumstance). 

Force #3:


The third force is story, the ones you tell, the ones others tell, and the ones your subconscious believes which direct your life. 

If unharnessed, Story can: 

- Create and perpetuate a limiting self-identity and limiting beliefs.

- Result in a lack of clarity, or vision or destiny in life. 

- Drain experiences of meaning and satisfaction.

- Turn you into a backseat passenger to your life. 

When you harness this force for yourself you can: 

- Create self-fulfilling prophesies and direct your subconscious and unconscious minds toward a singular goal.

- Cast a vivid vision that carries you beyond yourself and rallies others around your common cause. 

- Re-author the 5 most important areas of your life to remove resistance and create near effortless self-realization. 

- Enjoy the best of positive psychology to take a joyride through time to make the wisest action for your life now. 

When you harness Story for yourself you can shift from Actor to Director.  

Not just creating your character, but controlling how they show up and where your story goes. 

Force #4:


The final fourth force is State, where we will cover how to raise your level of consciousness, access altered states for heightened creativity, performance, and peace—the sign of a truly mastered Self. 

If unharnessed, State can:

- Keep you locked in low levels of consciousness like shame or fear—as close to death as one can be. 

- Limit your perception into a scarcity-based lens.

- Generate uncreative, unproductive, and fearful foggy thinking.

- Lower your energy levels and bring the people around you down. 

When you harness this force for yourself you can: 

- Generate sustained states of peaceful peak performance. 

- Access altered states and flow states on demand. 

- Raise your baseline without sacrificing your productivity or creative output. 

- Match your state to your task and be 100x more effective. 

- Shift into recovery and play when the day is done, and get back into flow and other altered states more frequently.

When you harness State for yourself you can shift from Single-Channel Antenna to Multi-Dimensional Switch-Box. 

These forces are fundamental to our very perception of reality and experience of it. 

And based on how they’re programmed for you they can either prevent or create opportunities.

They can drain energy or amplify it.

They can be used to destroy, or create. 

Depending on how you use them, and how you let them be used on you. 

I’ll teach you how to harness these as Forces for Good, how you can use them to influence yourself, as well as better understand and lead others.

And most importantly how to… 

Harness the 4 Forces to Systematically Close the Gap Between Who You Are Now and Your Best Self

When approached in a step-by-step fashion like this, these 4 forces can be used to create powerful positive momentum that carries you beyond your limitations, to those you want to positively impact. 

Moving swiftly outside of a narrow self-centric worldview with expanding levels of ethical influence, empathy, and compassion for your friends, family, tribe, community, country, and planet. 

Along the way, closing the gap between who you are and your best self.

Really, there are a several gaps. The identity gap, the consciousness gap, the influence gap, the skill gap, the awareness gap, there are several gaps and we’ll address each of them.

And best of all, how these forces let you control how you do what you do. 

Whether it’s a struggle-fest, or fun.

Whether it’s doomed from the start or has a shot of actually being worth doing. 

So, if you have ambitious goals and great ideas, but don’t feel like you’re the version of yourself that can achieve them yet—that’s okay.

It’s supposed to feel that way when you pursue a goal that’s bigger than you. 

But instead of doing it on your own, and working out of alignment and on the edge of burnout, get some help gaining the necessary self-awareness and reaching better states of consciousness that will make it possible.

If that feels unrealistic at this point, know this:

The person who accomplishes your ambitious goal won’t be you. 

At least, not this version of you.

It’s going to be a version of you who has a greater appetite for making tangible progress on your meaningful goals. Who is more comfortable with power, and trusts themselves fully.

Who consumes obstacles as fuel and operates beyond fear.

The best version of you.

And I want to help you step up as them and become a Force for Good.

Introducing: Force for Good

An 8-Week Coaching Program Designed to Help You Raise Consciousness, Actualize Potential, Forge Identity, and Harness Psychospiritual Forces for Good

Force For Good is a science-backed meditation program for mission-driven humans, entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, and purposeful skilled professionals. 

In addition to 1:1 and group coaching, Force for Good comes with a guided 40-day  comprehensive personal and professional growth program designed to empower individuals to unlock their full potential, lead with purpose, and make a positive impact in the world.

This program leverages a new interdisciplinary approach that harmonizes the diverse fields of altered states, depth psychology, meditation, and narrative therapy (to name a few) into a seamless approach to systematically raise awareness, and consciousness and actualize potential. 

In Force for Good, I will guide you through 40 days of harnessing 4 different psychospiritual forces to gain self-awareness, forge identity, and raise consciousness.

Ultimately, helping you actualize your potential to be a greater Force for Good in the world, by becoming and more consistently showing up as the best version of yourself.

It's a very diverse curriculum, but it's all aligned by a single aim...

Helping you become a master of both your inner world and outer worlds, so you can go beyond your limitations and be a Force for Good for others. 

But another, simpler, way to describe this program is a work of love from me to every person who is on the edge of extraordinary and wants help getting across the line.

You see…

Just Because You Have World-Changing Potential, Doesn’t Mean You Will Actualize It

It’s harsh but true. 

Just because you can cast a wide vision and rally others around it to create movements…  

Just because there are dents in the universe that you are in the position to make…

Just because others will listen when you tell the story of your life and the wisdom you have learned, and how it can help them… 

That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. 

If you ask me, I will tell you that some goals take more than one life to achieve.  

And that’s why we have to do what we can, and work together, and work now to make sure you do actualize your potential in the ways you can, in this one. 

Not just accomplishing what you are truly capable of, but also doing it from a higher state, a more empowered place, and in a way that’s going to be more sustainable for you. 

That is the most stable foundation for life, an optimal state of consciousness, that you can respond from and choose what comes next for you.

The reason I want to help you create this empowered State first, is because...

With Great Response-Ability Comes Great Power 

It’s almost like the wisdom from Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, who taught us that with great power comes great responsibility.

But in reverse: 

When we are able to respond, we get great power. 

And that’s more true now than ever. 

These are the most interesting times to be alive in human history for mission-driven humans to take their great ideas and turn them into much more than that and lead by example… 

AI is now on the cultural scene, becoming the fastest-adopted technology of all time…

And now every creator has every resource to amplify their message and make the impact they crave, with fewer excuses left each day.  

The next generation is increasingly jaded, and skipping college and having kids…  

And the playing field is being massively leveled as the next generation of humanity’s micro-niche leaders are emerging now, who will go on to redefine what it means to live a successful and meaningful modern life. 

For these reasons and more, we will see more change in the next 5 years than in the previous 100.

And the truth is, timing matters.

Even if you’ve tried to pursue your most meaningful goals before and failed, the timing is different now.  

And what happens now, really matters and determines what comes next. 

So, will you have a say in what happens next?  

Don’t let your limits get in the way. 


Set Your North Star to Pursue Leading Others Beyond Fear

 …and Get Help Becoming the Person Who Can

If you aren’t fired up to pursue your most meaningful goals, then you’re probably feeling fear.

And that’s normal. 

We fear what is most important to us.

Because we know it matters. 

Which is why we can succeed at things we don't care about, and struggle with what actually matters our whole lives.

Limitations like limiting beliefs don’t rear their ugly head when you’re doing something you don’t care about—they show up when it matters most.

To make sure you really learned the lesson.

Before you can unlock the next level.

That’s why someone can appear to be very successful, at something they don’t really enjoy and aren’t really interested in, while simultaneously failing miserably at the thing they actually care about, which may be objectively easier to do. 

It's not about what's hard, or not, it's about you actualizing your potential in this life. 

And if that scares you, then take it as the reassuring sign it is.

Fear is our compass pointing towards what we must do. 

Not consciously, but unconsciously—inspired beyond perception, to be better, and transcend our limitations to be there for others…

Those you are meant to help.  

They are your North Star.

It’s that North Star that makes it easier to move in uncertainty and operate beyond fear.

The best version of you?

It's the version of you that can transcend your limitations and show up as a Force for Good for them and help them the way only you can. 

That process can take a lifetime.

Or we can make real progress together and make it happen this year. 

So, let’s take the next 8-weeks and go deep, master these 4 forces, create your best self from the inside out, and then spend the next year showing up as them more consistently when and where the best version of you is needed. 

It's easier to do when you have a step-by-step process to follow...

And when you realize you don’t have to do it alone.

Ready to Get Started? Apply here.

About Your Guide, Colton Swabb: 

My name is Colton Swabb and I’m an entrepreneur, executive advisor and the creator of The Force for Good coaching program.

I have over a decade of experience in leading diverse growth-orientated teams. In that time, I held a Senior Marketing Position at Mindvalley, culminating in launching the founder’s book to the status of New York Times Bestseller. I launched more bestselling books, most notably Stealing Fire, by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal. I held workshops in Malaysia, Australia, and The United States. I lectured seasonally on Innovative Media Strategies for Central Saint Martins in The United Kingdom.

Now, I am on a mission to share what I’ve learned and help those who have the capacity to lead others to raise their level of consciousness and become self-actualized Forces for Good in the world. 

Colton's work has been seen on:

Colton lecturing MBA leaders and Hybrid-Creatives at the London School of Arts, in the Louis Vuitton room of Central Saint Martin's—King's Cross.

Colton being very 'productive' with the legendary Writing Team at Mindvalley, where he was a Senior Growth Marketer.

Colton leading one of his international workshops in Malaysia, Australia, and the USA.

How Does The Force for Good Coaching Program Work? 

There are 3 core elements that make up the Force for Good curriculum & coaching program.  

Element 1

Daily Training, Frequent Exercises & Micro-Coaching 

The foundation of this program is a 40-day guided curriculum paired with daily training, exercises, and occasional additional resources. As you go through the program, you will also have access to the program community & receive micro-coaching via the group and course area. 

Element 2

Focused and Evolving 1:1 Coaching

Over eight weeks you’ll work with me, and/or a coach certified in the diverse training involved in this program, at a schedule you choose. 

In our coaching, we will identify your North Star that will pull you beyond your limits, and contextualize this diverse curriculum. The role of the coach and this coaching is to help you increase self-awareness, access inner wisdom, and stay accountable to pushing the edge of your evolving personal growth discipline. 

Element 3

One Year of Group Coaching and Community 

In addition to the coaching and curriculum, you'll also get access to our community of other members who are taking the same curriculum and share experiences. 

12 Results You Can Expect From Force for Good:

1 - Confront & Integrate Shadows

We start by bringing ‘Shadow Work’ into the light, to help you raise self-awareness about what you really want, and what parts of you you’re going to need to get it. 

2 - Create Clarity of Mind & Cast a Wide Vision

Make everything easier by getting extremely clear in your answer to the question, “What do you really want?” And cast a vision wide and far that can rally your lasting motivation and others to your common cause.  

3 - Forge a Powerful Identity

Turn your ego into a tool that stabilizes the self and optimizes for high performance and high peace. 

4 - Raise Your Baseline Level of Consciousness 

Release anchors in fear, shame, or anger and raise your baseline—experiencing higher and longer-lasting highs, with shallower and shorter lows. 

5 - Align What You Do With Who You Are 

Stop holding back in your daily life, and align what you do with who you are, so doing what you feel most called to do is as effortless and an expression of who you are, achieving your potential through state of being, instead of state of doing. 

6 - Drama-Proof Your Life

The unspoken truth about 100x your positive impact is you’re going to 100x your life-drama unless you know how to prevent it. And even better, evolve the roles you find yourself in to empower all parties involved. 

7 - Succeed on Your Terms 

Whether it’s taking the reigns and aligning what you do now with what you feel called to do, or boldly starting a new venture—stop trying to model others who aren’t like you and resolve to succeed on your terms.  

8 - Unlock Peaceful High-Performance

Access flow and persistent states, and learn how to protect them, to exponentially increase your output while preventing the possibility of burnout. 

9 - Access Wisdom of the Self & Enhanced Intuition

Learn hidden wisdom for accessing the subconscious, as well as the archetypes that reside in the collective unconscious, for accessing greater creativity, energy, and ways of knowing.  

10 - Build a More Energetically Efficient Brain & Body

Learn how your body and brain influence your state, and systemize the best of positive psychology and ancient wisdom to release trauma and buried emotions, and entrain more empowering patterns in your body-mind.

11 - Create or Deepen an Existing Meditation Practice 

Experience gnosis with diverse methods and learn a way to identify what methods work best for you at this time in your life. 

12 - Be The Force for Good You Can Be

Harness the 4 psychospiritual forces and focus them to a point to actualize potential, raise individual and collective consciousness, and become a version of yourself who is a Force for Good.

In short?

In Force for Good, learn how to create a situation, where what is good for you is good for other people.

And that helps you turn your great ideas into an even greater impact on others. 

Instead of dissipating energy, you focus it, and it intensifies.

When you can create a situation where what’s good for you is good for others, you get rewarded for trying and never have to stop.

This summons a powerful positive momentum that carries you forward to benefit you and those you aim to help. It makes the journey easier, and the impact more so. It aligns your organization, team, and others toward the common good and raising consciousness.

If this kind of thing sounds like not just a yes but instead an absolutely yes right now

Then let’s talk about it. 

And then spend the next 40 days unpacking these 4 psychospiritual forces and systematically leveraging them to build a better world, by becoming better versions of ourselves.

Apply Here for Force for Good

What Others Say About Your Guide:

“I got results working with Colton almost immediately. After just the first 2 calls I have experienced an unfolding ripple effect of change and empowerment throughout all areas of my life.

For me, it was the collapse of timelines that changed me completely. My 10-15 year goal became a 1-2 year goal. You are amazing. I’m so happy you’re reaching more people through your courses.”

Lindsay Briner,
MA, PhDc, Executive Advisor

"Colton was able to get to the heart of my mission unlike anyone else. I've been interviewed by some of the best in the world and your method for reaching the heart of my mission and helping me bring it to others has been invaluable." 

Founder, CEO and Philosopher at Heroic

"The results of the process that Colton patiently - and always enjoyably - took us through have been nothing short of enlightening and deeply rewarding. 

Working with Colton will show what you have to offer in a new light, both to yourselves and to the world, in a way that your key audiences will find hard to resist."

Tuukka Toivonen, PhD (Oxford), Director, MA Innovation Management, Central Saint Martins, UAL

The Full Force for Good Curriculum

The Force For Good curriculum spans 40 days. Two weeks are dedicated to each Force, in this order. These are titles and descriptions of the days of the program. 

Each part is broken up by an additional coaching session for integration.

Part I: Unseen - Shadow Advanced

We start with Shadow to systematically raise awareness and meet the various parts of your consciousness, subconscious and even the collective unconscious. 

Confronting our Shadows, learning how to Dance with our Daemon, accessing the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious and all with the aim of initiating a shift towards wholeness. 

We also begin the program with a consistent meditation practice, which adapts based on which part of the program you are in. This version of the practice focuses on helping you raise awareness and stay consistent. 

Part II: Unfelt - Social Advanced

Gaining awareness and answering the question "what do I want" knowing what's good for you is half the battle. The next half of the battle starts by going beyond your own limitations and affecting others.

This part of the program helps you do that by focusing on helping you Honor Your Inner-Primate and stay regulated the further out you go, and Drama-Proofing your life so you can stay out there for longer and help more people. 

For Part II the ongoing meditation practice is adapted to focus on creating more comfort in the body and compassion for others. 

Part III: Untold - Story Advanced

Over half-way into the program, we take the work we've started and cast a wider vision for ourselves and our missions. And forge a powerful identity for us to step into to do that. 

At this point, we re-author the stories for the 5 most important areas of our lives, to create more alignment between ourselves, and those we want to help and create a sustainable system for us to do that. 

For Part III the ongoing practice adapts to help you live out your re-authored stories for the 5 areas of your life each day, moment-by-moment. 

Part IV: Unbounded - State Advanced

The final part of this program covers State, which is both fundamental and the apex of our achievements in this program. After going through the other parts of this program, anchors to lower states of consciousness will be released. 

And now you will learn reliable methods for accessing altered flow and persistent states on demand for greater peace, performance, and fulfillment. 

Finally, we end the program with learning how to release control to what we can't control and be a better partner for the Universe in what we feel called to do—and making our evolving discipline an expression of that.

For Part IV of your ongoing practice you will create your own Evolving Discipline, based on what methods work best for you to raise your baseline of consciousness. 

By the end of Force for Good, you will have mastered these 4 psychospiritual forces which influence your life and the lives of others.

You'll get 40 days of experience with these forces first-hand while creating or deepening a consistent meditation practice.

Plus coaching from me to help you stay consistent and go deeper...

And one full year of group coaching to help you continue to apply what you learn and push the edge of your growth. 

Force for Good is part Modern Mystery School, one part Personal Growth Accelerator. 

Join us now and let’s raise consciousness by becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Apply Today

So, Why Did I Make This Program?

At this point, you may be wondering why I made this Program in the first place. 

There are a few reasons.

The first is, throughout my career, I’ve been helped by many experts in their fields, as well as had a chance to help them—leaders in various fields from neuroscience, flow psychology, and even philosophy.

Along the way, I kept a simple list that started with, “If you really want to help people… tell them this.”  

Over the years, that list was refined into multiple programs and curriculums I began teaching in 2020. 

Since then I’ve helped thousands with these methods and only gotten better at telling the stories to teach them. 

And now I've taken a full 9-months to put the best of everything into this one program. 


Because these methods are needed now more than ever. 

It’s hard to say where the direction of the world is going now, but if you believe that cycles of history predict the future… then it looks like we will have a handful of years ahead of us that will benefit most from you showing up as your best self. 

So, who exactly is this program for? 

Who Force For Good is For…

In this program, you’ll be learning from and working with me, and I love to work with:

  1. Purpose-driven professionals: People who desire to align their careers with their passions and values, and are seeking guidance on how to make a meaningful impact through their work.
  2. Aspiring or established leaders: Individuals who are looking to develop or enhance their leadership skills, becoming worthy leaders and are committed to making a difference in their organizations and communities.

  3. Personal development lovers: Those who are passionate about personal growth and self-improvement, and want to take their journey to the next level by aligning their values with their actions.

  4. Social entrepreneurs and change-makers: Individuals who want to develop the skills and mindset necessary to create positive change in the world, whether through launching a social enterprise or driving initiatives within existing organizations.

  5. Coaches, mentors, and educators: Individuals who are responsible for guiding others in their personal or professional development and want to enhance their own skills and knowledge to better serve their clients or students.

If that sounds like you, then I want to work with you.


I Need Your Help

The curriculum that makes up Force For Good was made by working with an original set of pilots over the last two or three years, who were a mix of brave souls and friends of mine. 

- Members prepared for and got their dream job, while creating a business that made it irrelevant… 

- Learned how to recognize their level of consciousness and that of their team, and organization to create company-wide change…

- Gained the clarity of thinking and courage to step in front of their brand and multiply their business growth and customer connection… 

And from those sessions, this curriculum was made.

Now I’m taking this training to a broader audience, who has no idea who I am, and asking for your help with improving it.

Ways You Can Join Me Today

For me, it’s not just about this program. It’s about my company, Wisdom Well, attracting individuals who want to help raise consciousness. 

And to successfully bring those people in I need to grow Wisdom Well, which means I need your help making this program even better.

So, here's what I'm offering.

I'm discounting my coaching with this program, and offering a course-only version at a steep discount for those who would rather learn on their own, in exchange for getting your feedback on the program. 

My only asks are:

1) That you actually do the program and get help applying what you learn to your life.

2) You agree to leave me a written or recorded review of your experience. 

If you can do that, then I can guarantee that I'll show up 100% to help you master these forces, and yourself, with this program and the coaching. 

And when you join today...

Art Scholarship: 

Are you a video editor, designer, artist, or content creator?

I am offering an art scholarship for Force for Good course version. The terms? Simple. Take the course, and make art about your experience in your medium.

I'm also open to collaborating with special parties. 

If you’d like to request an art scholarship you can do that here: [email protected]

You’re Backed By My 2-Week Unconditional Guarantee

You don’t have to say yes if you're accepted, instead, you can just say maybe and get started. 

Plus even have a coaching session, before deciding if this is right for you. 

I feel like that’s more than fair and if you feel like this isn’t right for you during those first 2-weeks you can have your money back, no questions asked. 

So, are you ready to get started? 

Raise Consciousness, Actualize Potential, and Become Your Best, Most Integrated Self in 8-Weeks

Apply for Force for Good Now

What You Get in Force for Good:

- Full 40-Day Force For Good Curriculum with daily training. (Value $1,997)

One year of Group Coaching & Community. (Value $1,997) 

- 3 months of 1:1 Coaching with Colton. (Value $8,997) 

- Get everything you need to master the 4 Forces and 40 days of experience applying them to accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Apply to get the program for free and a discount on coaching. 

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Reminder: Commitment and Consistency Unlock the True Potential (and Consequences) of All That You Do 

Whether you choose to work with me, and get my help with this, or continue carve your own path at your own pace know this: 

Consistency and commitment unlock the true potential, and consequences, of everything you choose to do. 

So, if you remain committed and consistent with what you’re doing now and the way you do it now, (and the level of consciousness you're doing it from now) you’ll keep getting the same results…

And, eventually, you’ll unlock the true potential or consequences of that path. 

So, be sure that path is aligned with your inner calling, and how you want to do it.

And if you’re not sure, join me in Force for Good, and let’s help you boldly align, or start a new venture, from a foundation of increasing self-awareness, expanding your consciousness, and impact from there… 

And harness these Forces for Good. 

You ready? Let's do this.  

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